Design is influencing on how every day appears around us.

As visual professionals, we design every day objects and spaces. We also believe that by teaching a fresh way of seeing things, we can positively affect people's experience on their own surroundings. We want to inspire, open doors and share tools to activate creativity. We believe that creativity exists in all of us. Creativity is a state of mind, not a characteristic. Excited people spread excitement around them. Good vibes are the basis for creativity and good vibes often arise from excitement and inspiration.

The need for a fresh, considerate, active and strong generation of visual professionals is acute. Inspirations builds community spirit within the new Finnish creative fields, displays how design work influences every day and introduces new names as well as small fascinating businesses. At the same time Inspirations makes designers' work easier to understand. Encounters between the designer and the consumer enrich both parties.

City is more than an address.

Like us, most habitants of Helsinki are originally from elsewhere. Approximately only one in three adults was born in Helsinki. Feeling that the city is your own and special is born out of memories, emotional bonds as well as personal history experienced in it.

”That's the corner where I kissed that one guy as a teenager.”
“This is the park where we walked barefoot on a translucent early summer night. The grass was wet and cold but it felt great to get rid of our socks and to get intoxicated of the summer just beginning.”

Stories, secrets shared and the feeling that you know more than an average tourist, create the feeling of “My city”. We want to help people coming from elsewhere to grow roots in Helsinki. Tourists and visitors are given faces to an unfamiliar city by sharing stories, so that it can be experienced as warmer, more familiar and more personal than before. Inspirations tour brings visitors closer to the real soul and aesthetic of the city.

Often we look without actually seeing. Inspirations Tour shares tools to observe surroundings, teaches how to utilise what is observed as well as helps to understand what is around and to spot valuable details. Design work is often about changing perspective. Even your own city can be re-found if you look past the conventional.

We encourage everyone to live the city to make it their own.

With Inspiring greetings,

Inspirations -team,
Musta Design