Explore Helsinki through the eyes of young designers!

Inspirations Tour combines travelling close to home, good vibes and love for the city by presenting new names and interesting small businesses within the creative fields. The tour takes you outside the immediate city centre and opens doors to unexpected spots that regular tourist tours never reach. Inspiartions Tour lets visitors get a peek in for example locked courtyards, studios and most of all inside the thought process of designers. The destinations shine light on historical and contemporary trends in the fields of design, architecture and urban culture. Tour guides are visual professionals that talk about our city's every day beauty and reality from their own point of view, as well as their own sources for inspiration.

“Inspiration is getting excited about new things.”

The tour challenges the visitor to look at common things from a new perspective by giving tools to activate creativity and change perspective. The tour guides are not historians but instead lead the tours from their own professional strenght, pointing out details and telling stories that give common appering things added value. “Often beauty is in details that make things exciting. In my opinion, the opposite of beautiful is not ugly but boring”, points out Tiina Palm from the concept delopement team. “Stories, shared secrets and the feeling that you know more than the average habitant, create the idea of My city” Päivi niemi, one the concept designers and tour guides, continues. The aim is to get visitors to fall in love with the city like they're seeing it for the first time.

Good to know:
Walking and public transport are the methods of moving around on the tour. Be prepared with comfortable shoes, according to the weather, and with a camera. In Helsinki the tour starts at Musta Design offices in Vallilla, Kangasalantie 4, where an inspiring assignment for the tour is given out.

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